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Wellness Space

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Traditional and Alternative Wellness Solutions to Improve Your Wellbeing.

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Reset-It's mission is to empower individuals to break free from limiting beliefs, programs, and conditioning, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

Tracey O'Hara is one of very few Reset-It Certified Teachers in the US.

Two x 90 Minute Sessions 

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Tracey O'Hara


Private and group yoga for all ages and abilities.

Yoga is the art and science of the mind and body that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. By steadying the mind, controlling the breath, and moving correctly through a series of poses (asanas), one can achieve greater mental clarity, physical strength, and a greater sense of calm and purpose.

Child's Pose
Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy.

Renewing and refreshing body treatments.

Massage therapy and complementary body treatments may help reduce stress, lessen pain and muscle tension, increase relaxation, improve immune function, and alleviate stress and anxiety, among other benefits.


 Balance Between the Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

The Sanskrit term Ayurveda translates to “knowledge of life,” and the principles of this ancient wisdom remind us that the entire web of life is intricately interwoven. With a unique emphasis on total wellness, the art and science of Ayurveda work to harmonize our internal and external worlds. Ayurveda is considered the oldest healing science. 

Wellness Coach

& More.

Health Workshops and Holistic Treatments

Workshops, education sessions, various therapies, and special events designed to inform and educate our community on beneficial aspects of improving and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits will be held at our cooperative wellness space throughout the year.

Our Team

Meri Consor and Stephanie Gieruc founded Celestial Wellness to foster proactive wellness, self-improvement, and personal empowerment. Meri and Stephanie are supported by a team of highly regarded, dedicated, and experienced specialists. Our goal is to help our students and clients find balance and inner peace and to create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.

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By Appointment Only.

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