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Celestial Wellness preferred vendors have been researched and reviewed to ensure they meet quality, safety, and ethical standards. The brands listed are used or recommended across all our treatments options.

Celestial Wellness provides products, services, and merchandise at a competitive or low price, including complimentary local delivery, as available.

Banyan Botanicals


For the past 25 years, sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda and the power of Ayurvedic herbs has been our passion. We’re here to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. As an Ayurvedic company, we see the inherent connection between our own health and the health of the world. As we aim to achieve deeper harmony in our bodies, we must also remember to care for the health of our communities and of the planet.

Limited stock available onsite. Please inquire.


Maharishi AyurVeda


Our mission at Maharishi Ayurveda is to serve your health needs with the best ayurvedic herbal products. Through powerful formulations and ancient lifestyle tips, our aim is to bring balance to your body and life. It is not disease that creates imbalance; rather, disease is a symptom of imbalance. When we bring our body into a state of equilibrium, its natural state, and maintain this state, the symptom is good health.

Limited stock available onsite. Please inquire.


Kottakkal USA


Kottakkal USA is Arya Vaidya Sala's only authorized distributor of their traditional Ayurvedic products in the United States.

We are proud to offer a large selection of classically-formulated Arishtams, Kashayams, Tailams (Oils), Ghritams, Lehams, Churnams, Kwathams, Vatikas, and more, all manufactured by Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala in Kerala. Kottakkal USA now also offers educational opportunities to advance your Ayurvedic education and career as well as your overall health, including workshops, webinars, and consultations as well as Dinacharya Kits and a weekly Indian Farm Box with seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

Limited stock available onsite. Please inquire.




Divya’s is on a mission to help people find joy, nourishment and balance through food. Based in Ayurvedic principles and cooking techniques, Divya’s includes culinary education, a suite of good-for-you packaged foods, a plant-based restaurant in New York City, and a series of best-selling cookbooks written by founder and executive chef Divya Alter. MASTERCLASS Available: Learn from Divya herself in this exclusive digital experience, and unlock the power of her world-renowned healing recipes and Ayurvedic teachings.

Limited stock available onsite. Please inquire.


Ayush Herbs


Ayush Herbs started from humble beginnings with a passion to share Ayurvedic herbs and wisdom with the West. It has since grown to be an internationally recognized company for its quality products and dedication to people, planet, and plants. Ayush's mission is to join the ancient principles of Ayurvedic medicine with the latest scientific technology to provide the highest quality Ayurvedic herbal products available.

Limited stock available onsite. Please inquire.

Let's Work Together

Celestial Wellness always seeks proven, ethical, and reputable brands to trial, use, and recommend across our wellness practices.

Please contact us to learn more.

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